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Sylvia Winsby: Cool Links


Click this link for Sylvia's page at CD Baby. There is a 20% discount when you buy two or more copies of Green In Blue, and a 10% discount on 2 or more copies of Looking To The Light.   Downloads also available at only 99 cents!

Apple iTunes
Visit iTunes to purchase downloads of songs from 'Shades of Green in Blue'. You can also download the entire CD.
Suggested Artist and Honorable Mention Awards

Song of the Year is an international songwriting competition. Suggested Artists are those whose collective works display consistently noteworthy creativity and talent.

Kevin Osborn, photographer
Kevin took the photographs seen in the 'Monterey Bay' section of the photo gallery in this website and for the CD, Shades of Green in Blue. Check out his other beautiful works at his site.
Music For People
David Darling, improvisational cellist, began this non-profit organization "promotoing a humanistic approach to the way music is taught, performed and appreciated". Check out workshops, members' music, and more...
Living Tao Foundation
This is the website of Chungliang Al Huang, master Tai Ji teacher, author, improvisational dancer, and calligraphy artist. He has much to offer...
Kimberly Howland, artist
Kimberly Howland's paintings are "inspired by ancient sculptures of the great cultures of the past- both Asian and European".
Art Quilts by Roberta Baker

Roberta's fabric art is truely awe-inspiring and simply gorgeous!  Feast your eyes---