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Sylvia Winsby: Reviews/Press

Honorable Mention Award- 'Looking To The Light' "(the award) status indicates that a submission was found impressive by a number of the judges".

SONG OF THE YEAR - (Dec 15, 2009)

“It’s so seldom you hear someone sing with vulnerability…in Sylvia, I hear a lovely innocence- it’s wonderful, don’t change a thing.”  Mark Murphy

MARK MURPHY, 6 time grammy nominee, Best Male Jazz Singer, ‘96, ‘97, 2000, ‘01 Downbeat Reader’s Poll

“Sylvia has a knack for bringing out the true essence of a song with her sensitive musical interpretation.” MURRAY LOW, Jazz Pianist, Grammy-nominee

“Sylvia sounded so wonderful!! Keep singing!” NANCY KING, Jazz Vocalist, Grammy-nominee

Semi-Finalist award in Blues/Jazz category, entry, Never Lost- 2008 contest.  See photo gallery...

Suggested Artist Award
"(Sylvia's) collective works display consistently noteworthy creativity and talent."
- SONG OF THE YEAR (Apr 30, 2008)

“Sylvia’s (performance of) Nature Boy ROCKED!! Keep singing..” (Stanford Jazz Festival, 2001) MADELINE EASTMAN, Jazz Vocalist, Stanford Jazz Workshop Instructor, Jazzcamp West Artistic Director, Monterey Jazz Clinician

“Sylvia just keeps getting deeper… Sing on-” RHIANNON, Jazz Vocalist, Composer

“When we reminisce on that evening, everyone says that the music was stupendous, rolls their eyes and shouts ‘that voice’! For me, it was the highlight of my celebratory evening! The music quality was professional cool, with a thorough understanding of the roots of jazz intertwined into the unique melodies that brought one’s emotions from the sorrowful beat of the human soul to the ecstaticness of a full smile. It was innovative and quick, clever and then sultry, and at other times mischievous. Sylvia’s voice is clear and haunting, you want to listen again and again. You want to cry or laugh out loud. Each song is a new phrase of something old and yet something new. Each beat mastered fully in heart and breath. We all await the many CDs!” ARNELL ETHERINGTON, Ph.D., Jazz Enthusiast, Consumer

REGARDING SHADES OF GREEN IN BLUE, released in May, 2007… “Sylvia has put together an album that reflects her broad musical tastes and takes the listener on a fun ride through the world of jazz.” WAYNE WALLACE, Jazz Trombonist, Composer, Producer, Recording Artist.

"Sylvia's very talented... she did a great job on this CD."

EDDIE HUDSON - KUSP 88.9 fm Jazz Host

"Enjoyed 'Never Lost' very much. The overall sound is master level quality...good use of imagery, time feel/sense of phrasing." TAXI critique- an Independent A&R Co.

"Ms. Winsby is an enjoyable, authentic jazz voice. Those who love jazz vocalists won't be disappointed." GLEN ROSE, Jazz Pianist/Educator