Glowing jazz harmonies warm up the  winter holiday season in this duo recording featuring Murray Low, Grammy nominated pianist, with Sylvia's heartfelt vocal. Their sound feels like a private concert in your living room, setting a mellow tone for gatherings or moments of meditative solitude. It's the perfect soundtrack to inspire positive reflection for the coming new year. This song began as a 'phone jingle', and it continued evolving to its current form. It's inspired by the tradition of holiday 'carols'- for those who buy the song, can you guess the famous carol melody quoted at the end? E-mail your answer to to see if you're right! ;-)


LOOKING TO THE LIGHT Sylvia Winsby © 2008
  1) Looking to the light  At the end of another year Wishing each and everyone  Good health, peace, and cheer.   Hoping for the world to be  Fearlessly in harmony While looking to the light and a happy new year. 
2) Now the night has come  As we watch the fire light  Remember friends from long ago  And those we're holding tight  Through the years, though we may part  We'll keep each other close to heart  While looking to the light  On a grateful solstice night.
(Repeat 1st verse)